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Chris Sacca Biography

Chris Sacca (age 47) is an American investor, entrepreneur, and lawyer who presently owns Lowercase Capital and Lowercarbon Capital. The New York native is famous for investing in Twitter, Instagram, Uber, and featuring in ABC’s Shark Tank.

Chris Sacca Age

He was born on May 12, 1975, in Lockport, New York. Sacca is 47 years of age as of 2022 and will turn 48 come May 12, 2023. He celebrates his birthday on September 20 and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Taurus.

Chris Sacca Shark Tank

  • Chris joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015 as a guest shark for two episodes. He invested in Brightwheel, HatchBaby, Rent Like a Champion, and Bee Free Honee from Shark Tank’s season 7. Additionally, Sacca partnered with QVC queen Lori Greiner and co-invested in ToyMail in season 8 of Shark Tank. However, during his time as a guest shark on Shark Tank, Chris often brushed shoulders on the wrong side with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.
  • Sacca is the only shark to appear on Shark Tank in cowboy shirts- breaking the show’s dressing policy. When asked to wear a suit, Sacca said that the cowboy shirts had become a trademark symbol of him thus he wouldn’t let them go. Besides Shark Tank, he has appeared in Showtime’s Billions and other podcasts.
  • Besides investment, Chris has authored the book How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia.

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Chris Sacca Investments

  • Chris developed the art of investments while still in college and started his first company with student loans. However, his first investment failed which forced him to reinvest his remaining student loans to stock trading. Sacca managed to flip about $20 K to $12 million by 2000 after discovering a software mistake on the trading stocks. However, the market crashed in 2000 which left him with a $4 million in debt.
  • Chris worked as an associate at Fenwick & West based in Silicon Valley between 2000 and September 2001. Sacca helped clients with venture capital, acquisition, and mergers. He founded The Salinger Group in 2002 and subsequently went on to air on Speedera Networks the same year. Chris enhanced his network while at Google and soon started investing in start-up companies as an angel investor. Sacca first invested in Photobucket, then Twitter.
  • Chris is the 102nd user of Twitter and is a huge investment of the tech giant. Subsequently, Chris moved to Truckee in California where he met fellow entrepreneurs and discussed different entrepreneurial ideas. He had successful entrepreneurs like Eric Schmidt start up a fund to invest in different ideas.
  • Chris founded Lowercase Capital LLC in 2010 and has invested in Uber, Twitter, Instagram, and Docker with the help of an $8.4 million seed fund. Lowercase Capital LLC has played a vital role in ensuring that Uber and other investments are a success. Additionally, with the success of his respective portfolios, Chris opened a $1 billion investment fund in 2010.
  • Chris used the funds to buy shares from other Twitter stockholders and ultimately owned 18% of Twitter by 2013. Lowercase Capital LLC has ranked as the most successful venture capital fund on multiple website lists. Furthermore, Sacca started the Lowercarbon Capital fund in 2020 which aims at removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Chris Sacca Google

  • Google hired Chris as a Corporate Counsel under David Drummond in November 2003. With time, Google promoted him to serve as the Head of Special Initiatives where he helped run 700MHz and TV white spaces spectrum initiatives. Additionally, he also helped start Google’s data centers, its free WiFi network in Mountain View, CA,  other environment-friendly energy deals, and seed investment in Meraki. Additionally, Sacca was a member of the New Business Development organization group in Google.
  • Sacca was a very prolific employee of google such that he is among its first employees to receive the Founders’ Award. Chris left google in 2007 to venture into private investments.

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Chris Sacca Wife

Sacca is presently relishing his marriage life alongside his wife Crystal English. The couple got hitched in an invite-only intimate wedding ceremony. The beautiful couple is proud parents of three children; all daughters. Sacca’s family resides in southwestern Montana and Wyoming. Sacca’s wife is also an investor, author, and acclaimed advertiser. Crystal English Sacca is also a partner at Lowercase Capital. Furthermore, Sacca, his wife, and Clay Dumas presently comanage Lowercarbon Capital firm. The firm focuses on an area that has proved kryptonite for VC returns: climate.

They have also invested in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, and Kickstarter. The couple maintains a very low profile and very little is known about their family or relationship. Nevertheless, Sacca has revealed that he teaches his daughters how to read and understand the stock market.

Chris Sacca Family

Gerald Sacca (father) and Katherine Sacca (mother) born their son Christopher and bred him in Lockport, New York USA. Sacca’s family belongs of Irish and Italian descent. His father worked as an attorney whereas his mother worked as a professor at SUNY Buffalo State. His parents encouraged him to venture into different interests apart from just studies. Chris spent most of his young years in the suburb of Buffalo alongside his younger brother Brian Sacca.

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Chris Sacca Education

Sacca pursued a college degree in law and technology at Georgetown University. Furthermore, he graduated with a Juris Doctor cum laude in law and technology. Additionally, he is an alumnus of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, University College Cork, and Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain where he took other semesters.

Sacca had an unalike education study technique in college where he called for keg parties and asked for notes as an entry.

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Chris Sacca Net Worth

Chris Sacca Net Worth is around a stupendous US$1 Billion in 2021. He has accumulated most of his wealth and riches from his career as a venture investor/ entrepreneur/ lawyer/ company advisor. This is per our reliable sources at Celebrity Net Worth.

He maintains a low profile and rarely splashes his fortune on lavish cars or exotic trips. However, he owns a Tesla which he truly loves. Nevertheless, Sacca has majored in investments that have proved to multiply his net worth over the years.

Chris Sacca Height

Chris measures 6’ 0”/ 1.83 m in height. Moreover, his hair color is Brown, and is renowned for his trademark cowboy shirt.

People Also Ask

  • Who Is Chris Sacca? He is an American investor, entrepreneur, and lawyer who presently owns Lowercase Capital and Lowercarbon Capital.
  • How Much Is Chris Sacca Worth? Sacca’s Net Worth is around a stupendous US$1 Billion in 2021.



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