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Grant Hill Biography

Grant Hill (age 49) is an American former professional basketball player/ business person and member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. He is famous and critically acclaimed for his time at Detroit Pistons and the Phoenix Suns. He first played college football at South Lakes for four years. Additionally, Hill is a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks.

Grant Hill Age

Grant was born on October 5, 1972, in Dallas Texas. He is 49 years of age as of 2021 and will turn 50 come October 5, 2022. He celebrates his birthday on October 5 and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Libra.

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Grant Hill Career Stats

  • Games Played: 1026
  • Games Started: 972
  • Av. Points Per Game: 16.7
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 4.1
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.2

Hill Detroit Pistons Stats (1994/ 1995 Season)

  • Games Played: 70
  • Games Started: 69
  • Av. Points Per Game: 19.9
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 5.0
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.8

Hill Detroit Pistons Stats (1995/ 1996 Season)

  • Games Played: 80
  • Games Started: 80
  • Av. Points Per Game: 20.2
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 6.9
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.3

Hill Detroit Pistons Stats (1996/ 1997 Season)

  • Games Played: 80
  • Games Started: 80
  • Av. Points Per Game: 21.4
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 7.3
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.8

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Hill Detroit Pistons Stats (1997/ 1998 Season)

  • Games Played: 81
  • Games Started: 81
  • Av. Points Per Game: 21.1
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 6.8
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.8

Hill Detroit Pistons Stats (1999/ 2000 Season)

  • Games Played: 74
  • Games Started: 74
  • Av. Points Per Game: 25.8
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 5.2
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.4

Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2000/ 2001 Season)

  • Games Played: 4
  • Games Started: 4
  • Av. Points Per Game: 13.8
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 6.3
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.3

Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2001/ 2002 Season)

  • Games Played: 14
  • Games Started: 14
  • Av. Points Per Game: 16.8
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 4.6
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.6

Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2002/ 2003 Season)

  • Games Played: 29
  • Games Started: 29
  • Av. Points Per Game: 14.5
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 4.2
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.0

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Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2004/ 2005 Season)

  • Games Played: 67
  • Games Started: 67
  • Av. Points Per Game: 19.7
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 3.3
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.4

Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2005/ 2006 Season)

  • Games Played: 21
  • Games Started: 17
  • Av. Points Per Game: 15.1
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.3
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.1

Hill Orlando Magic Stats (2006/ 2007 Season)

  • Games Played: 65
  • Games Started: 64
  • Av. Points Per Game: 14.4
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.1
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.9

Hill Phoenix Suns Stats (2007/ 2008 Season)

  • Games Played: 70
  • Games Started: 68
  • Av. Points Per Game: 13.1
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.9
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.9

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Hill Phoenix Suns Stats (2008/ 2009 Season)

  • Games Played: 82
  • Games Started: 68
  • Av. Points Per Game: 12.0
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.3
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 1.1

Hill Phoenix Suns Stats (2009/ 2010 Season)

  • Games Played: 81
  • Games Started: 81
  • Av. Points Per Game: 11.3
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.4
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.7

Hill Phoenix Suns Stats (2010/ 2011 Season)

  • Games Played: 80
  • Games Started: 80
  • Av. Points Per Game: 13.2
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.5
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.8

Hill Phoenix Suns Stats (2011/ 2012 Season)

  • Games Played: 49
  • Games Started: 46
  • Av. Points Per Game: 10.2
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 2.2
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.8

Hill L.A. Clippers Stats (2012/ 2013 Season)

  • Games Played: 29
  • Games Started: 0
  • Av. Points Per Game: 3.2
  • Av. Assist Per Game: 0.9
  • Av. Steal Per Game: 0.4

Grant Hill High School: College

Grant is an alumnus of South Lakes High School, however, information on his high school years is currently unavailable. Immediately after completing high school, he joined Duke University where he studied and played college basketball for the Blue Devils between 1990 and 1994. However, his parents preferred that he play at Georgetown University and the University of North Carolina.

Hill made an average of 14.9 points and 6.0 rebounds per game during his time in college. He helped the Blue Devils to the championship game in 1994, however, the Arkansas Razorbacks beat them in the finals. He had a very successful college career and his jersey number #33 was retired upon his graduation.

One of Hill’s major college highlights was when he helped the Blue Devils beat Kentucky at the 1992 NCAA tournament regional final. The Duke Blue Devils were down 102 to Kentucky’s 103 in overtime, nevertheless, Hill made a 75 feet pass to Laettner who shot the winning ball for the Dukes. This game is arguably one of the greatest college basketball games of all time.

Additionally, Hill has received some accolades during his college careers like the 1993 Henry Iba Corinthian Award and the 1994 ACC Player of the Year. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a double major in history and political science.

Grant Hill Parents: Family

Calvin Hill (father) and Janet Hill (mother) born their son Grant Henry Hill in Dallas, Texas, and nurtured him in Washington D.C. USA. The Hill family belongs to mixed/ African-American ethnicity. His father played in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys, The Hawaiians, Washington Redskins, and the Cleveland Browns.

Whereas Grant’s mother has maintained a low profile and very little is known about her, nevertheless, she is an alumnus of Wellesley College. Hill spent most of his youth in Washington, he has not shared information about his siblings thus it is correct to conclude that he was raised as an only child.

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Grant Hill Wife-Tamia

Grant is presently relishing his marriage life alongside his supportive wife Tamia Marilyn Washington. The couple got hitched in Battle Creek, Michigan on July 24, 1999, in an invite-only intimate wedding ceremony. Tamia’s wedding was officiated by her half-cousin, Rev. John H. Grant.

The beautiful couple is proud parents of two children; Myla Grace and Lael Rose Hill. Hill’s family lives in Windermere, Florida but previously resided in Detroit. Hill and Tamia met on a blind date in 1996 with the help of their mutual friend Anita Baker. The duo dated for three years before they exchanged their vows.

Hill’s wife Tamia is a Canadian singer, producer, and actress who featured in Quincy Jones’ album Q’s Jook Joint. She started singing in 1994 and has an estimated Net Worth of $10 Million in 2021. Doctors diagnosed Tamia with multiple sclerosis in 2003

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Grant Hill Kids-Daughters

Hill and his wife Tamia co-parent their two kids Myla Grace and Lael Rose Hill. Myla Grace was born on January 23, 2002, while Lael Rose Hill was born on August 9, 2007. The couple has maintained information about their daughters private and very little is known about them.

Grant Hill Net Worth

Grant Hill Net Worth is around a stupendous $250 Million in 2021. He has accumulated most of his wealth and riches from his career as a baller, entrepreneur, and film producer. This is per our reliable sources at Celebrity Net Worth.

Most retired basketball players often go broke after retirement due to poor financial management, however, Hill is not your typical baller. He ventured into TV where he served as an NBA host and broadcaster for CBS. Hill also took up acting and has starred in Open Court and Mike and Mike.

After making approximately $141,008,544 in career earnings as an NBA play, Hill_with the help of friends_ purchased the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million in 2015. Ever since Jonah’s Net Worth has increased marginally. Moreover, Grant has partnered with Fila to release his self-named shoes which means there was also a multi-million deal involved. He has also co-produced the films Starting at the Finish Line and Duke 91 & 92: Back to Back.

Grant Hill Height

Grant measures 6’ 8”/ 2.03 m in height. Moreover, her hair color is black and her eye color is also black.

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Grant Hill Weight

Grant measures 225 lbs. / 102 kg in weight. However, he has not revealed any information about his body measurements.

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