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Julien Baker (age 26) is an American fast-rising singer/ songwriter who is famous and critically acclaimed for her hypnotic, striking, personal, and heartbreaking music style. Baker released her latest album Little Oblivions on 26 February 2021. The Turn Out the Lights hitmaker started performing music while in church.

Julien Baker Age

She was born on 29 September 1995 in Germantown, Tennessee. Julien is 26 years of age as of 2021 and will turn 27 come 29 September 2021. She celebrates her birthday on 29 September and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Virgo.

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Julien Baker Little Oblivions: Albums-Tour

  • Julien developed an interest in music at a young age and started performing for her church’s congregation. Additionally, Baker has cited the rock bands My Chemical Romance and Death Cab for Cutie as a huge inspiration for her music. Subsequently, Julien helped start the Star Killers band in 2010. Baker started writing songs and the album Sprained Ankle in her college years. Baker released the EP Sprained Ankle on Bandcamp. The Ep gained a lot of recognition and was subsequently released by 6131 Records in October 2015.
  • Baker’s debut studio album was a huge success that it featured in The New York Times, and The New Yorker. Baker released the singles Funeral Pyre and Distant Solar Systems in 2017 under Matador Records. Julien released the studio album Turn Out the Lights on 27 October 2017 under Matador Records. Baker’s second album was also a huge success and peaked at #78 on the Billboard 200. Julien spent 2018 touring the US and different countries while marketing her new album. Additionally, she appeared on CBS This Morning and performed alongside Lucy Dacus, Father John Misty while promoting the album.
  • Julien, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridges formed the indie rock supergroup Boygenius in 2018. The trio released the EP Boygenius on 26 October 2018 under Matador Records. The supergroup Boygenius toured the US in November 2018 while promoting their self-titled EP. Additionally, members of Boygenius have collaborated on each other’s respective songs.
  • Julien released 7-inch singles in June and October 2019. The 7-inch singles contained the singles Red Door,  Conversation Piece, Tokyo, and Sucker Punch. Baker released the single Faith Healer in October 2020 to market her upcoming third studio album Little Oblivions. Subsequently, she dropped the singles Hardline and Favor before Matador Records released Little Oblivions on 26 February 2021. Little Oblivions peaked at #39 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Americana/ Folk Albums chart.

Julien Baker Songs

  • Besides her successful albums, Baker has released the singles Funeral Pyre, Distant Solar Systems (2017), Bad Things to Such Good People (2018), and A Dreamer’s Holiday (2020). Baker is popular for her hypnotic, striking, personal, and heartbreaking music style. She prefers performing with a guitar, a loop pedal, and a violin. However, Julien incorporated bass, drums, mandolin, and keyboards on her third studio album.
  • Besides singing, Baker fancies discussing history, philosophy, and theology.

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Julien Baker Partner

Baker is openly a lesbian since she came out of the closet in 2012. However, Julien is quite a private celebrity considering she has managed to keep information about her relationship/ personal life confined. We are not certain if Julien is married, or has a girlfriend/ boyfriend, regardless, we can only presume that she is currently single. Nevertheless, as soon as Julien shares information about her partner or personal life, we shall bring you to speed.

Julien Baker Family-Education

Born in Germantown, Tennessee Baker’s father made prosthetic limbs while her mom worked in physical therapy. Julien was raised in Bartlett in a staunch Baptist family. Baker’s father had an accident in his young years which prompted doctors to cut his leg. Her father influenced her to incorporate frank explorations of addiction and mental illness into her music. However, her parents separated while she was still young. Information about Julien’s siblings is not available which makes us believe she was raised as an only child.

Baker pursued a college degree in audio engineering, literature, and secondary education at Middle Tennessee State University. Additionally, she is an alumnus of  Arlington High School.

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Julien Baker Net Worth-Merch

Julien Baker Net Worth is estimated to be between $ 1 Million and $ 5 Million. This is a mere approximation of her lucrative career as a singer/ songwriter. She has not revealed any information about her assets, liabilities, or wealth. Regardless, we shall update it once Baker shares her net worth. Additionally, with the sale of her branded merch, Julien has managed to increase her general net worth progressively.

Julien Baker Height

Julien measures 5’ 0”/ 1.52 m in height. Baker’s hair color is dark brown and her eye color is brown. Additionally, Julien is a fan of tattoos and ink. Baker has tattooed her left arm different tattoos, however, she rarely reveals her body thus we do not have details about her tattoos.

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People Also Ask

  • Is Julien Baker single? We are not certain if she is married, or has a girlfriend/ boyfriend, regardless, we can only presume that she is currently single.
  • Is Julien Baker religious? Julien was raised in a staunch Christian family, however, she has since deferred from her Christian beliefs. Baker presently prefers to be spiritually conscious and does not lean on a specific religion.
  • Who is Julien Baker? She is an American fast-rising singer/ songwriter who is famous and critically acclaimed for her hypnotic, striking, personal, and heartbreaking music style.
  • How tall is Julien Baker? Julien measures 5’ 0”/ 1.52 m in height.
  • How old is Julien Baker? Julien is 26 years of age as of 2021. 

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