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Phlash Phelps Biography

Phlash Phelps, real name Gordon Phlash Phelps (age 57) is an American journalist/ disc jockey who presently hosts SiriusXM Radio’s weekday morning show 60s on the 6 channel. The Maryland native joined SiriusXM’s broadcast team in 2000.

Phlash Phelps Age

He was born on April 11, 1966, in Towson, Maryland. Phlash is 57 years of age as of 2022 and will turn 58 come April 11, 2023. He celebrates his birthday on April 11 and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Aries.

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Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm

He concocted a show that mirrored his longing to catch the wildness of Rick Dees as well as the quickness of Terry “Chatterbox” Young. As the title Phunny Pharm demonstrates, his club was known as the Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm Phan Clan.

Years after the fact, his audience members would bring in as well as discuss what number they were in the club. At the point when Phlash discusses the expert American football association, he implies the “NPHL” and not the “NFL”; the 27th state to join the association is “Phlorida”, and not “Florida”, and so forth.

The quick-talking is typified by demonstrating the way that he can present the letters of the letters in order in reverse extremely quickly. Phelps returned to Fort Wayne in 2000, however, this time, he was doing mornings for WCKZ (Rhythmic/102.3), prior to leaving in September of that very year for the East Coast and satellite radio.

Phlash Phelps SiriusXM-60s On 6

  • In the ’60s on 6 Channel on XM Satellite Radio transmissions from Washington, D.C. Phlash filled in as the most noticeable host and furthermore as a music chief. He landed the position on August 21, 2000, however, turned into a full-time moderator of the help on the air on September 21, 2001.
  • Phelps was appealing to his listers because of his capacity to imitate the silly 1960s disk jockeys style. The XM channel chief said they employed him since he was their sort of nut. Under Phlash’s heading, they had a show called “Capacity to the People” where audience members got an opportunity to pick tunes that sounds played.
  • Phlash parlayed his insight into current music to the program chief at WQSR (Q105 and was allowed an opportunity there when he was 17 nevertheless in secondary school. He additionally went through a temporary job at B-104.
  • Phlash likewise endeavored to move gradually up the stepping stool by holding a progression of live positions in optional as well as tertiary business sectors. For instance, in 1995 after he left WDJB (B-106 FM) situated in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he labored for quite some time, he went to work for WSSX (95SX) in Charleston, South Carolina as a morning drive character.
  • Phlash is notable for his movements around the United States sometimes. At 23, he had visited 49 states, with his 50th state, Alaska, added at 29. At times in his profession, Phlash headed out to various radio business sectors all around the country just to tape the transmissions of various characters.

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Phlash Phelps Sirius Radio

Sirius Radio is an American telecom organization with its central command situated in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It gives satellite radio as well as online radio administrations working in the United States. The organization was shaped by the 2008 consolidation of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.

During the consolidation of XM with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2008, the ’60s on 6 was XM’s fifth most known station. At the point when the stations met up, Phlash was among the couple of DJs who came through with his timeslot flawless.

Phlash expressed characters on the air when XM started in August 2001 and was one of just three leftovers. In 2010, Phlash ‘s show was being communicated from Monday to Friday from 6 am – 1 pm. Phlash ‘s job on the radio has given him unexpected positions now and again. e.g in 2008, Phlash was named the voice of the Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union.

Preceding joining SiriusXM, he was working at XM Satellite Radio in 2001. Moreover, Phlash held many radio positions, moving around the country to work in a progression of optional as well as tertiary business sectors. Phlash is known for his quick-talking, retro way of broadcasting, and furthermore for making American topography a point of convergence in his show.

While still youthful, Phlash used to stand by listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 commencement show. It caused him to turn out to be truly educated about what the ongoing hits were. Subsequent to winning a station challenge, Phlash got a visit through the studios of Baltimore’s WBSB (B-104).

At 15 he found that being a radio character is what he cherished as a profession. The disk jockeys that affected Phlash were Johnny Walker on WFBR (AMA) Baltimore. With his audio effects and character-driven style, Johnny Walker assumed a significant part in Phlash’s professional determination.

Additionally, a portion of the muscle heads on B-104 was a good example. What’s more, Phlash paid attention to Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 commencement show, it included a lot of audio effects as well as humor. The last impact was the quick-talking Terry “Chatterbox” Young on WCAU (98.1) in Philadelphia during its initial mid-1980s Hot Hits stage show.

Phlash Phelps Wife-Married

Phlash is now single considering he has managed to keep information about his relationship/ personal life confined. We are not certain if Phelps is married, or has a girlfriend. Regardless, we can only presume that he is currently single and focusing on his career as a broadcasting journalist.

Nevertheless, as soon as Phlash shares information about his partner or personal life, we shall bring you to speed.

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Phlash Phelps Family

Considering the nature of his journalism profession, Phelps has decided to keep his personal and early life private. Phlash treasures his parents’ and siblings’ security thus he has not publicly shared his family information. Nonetheless, as soon as information about his family is available we shall update it pronto.

Phelps spent most of his young years in Maryland alongside his elder sister.

Phlash Phelps Education

Phlash pursued a college degree in Journalism at the University. Additionally, he/ she is an alumnus of Calvert Hall College High School.

Phlash Phelps Salary

Phlash receives an average salary of US$111K annually as a radio host for SiriusXM. This is per our reliable sources at Glassdoor that quote a SiriusXM radio host’s annual salary to be around US$57,515 – US$165,415. He has been on NBC’s payroll for more than two decades which also explains his huge net worth.

Phelps has not revealed his exact salary. Nevertheless, being on SiriusXM’s payroll, he receives a good amount that enables him to lead a comfy life.

Phlash Phelps Net Worth

Phlash Phelps’s Net Worth is estimated to be between US$1 Million and US$5 Million. This is a mere approximation of his lucrative career as a journalist. He has not revealed any information about his assets, liabilities, or wealth. Regardless, we shall update it once he shares his net worth.

Phlash Phelps Height

Phlash has not revealed his actual height, nevertheless, an average American man measures 5’ 9” / 1.75 m in height. Thus, his height is around this figure.

People Also Ask

  • Who Is Phlash Phelps Wife? Phlash is now single considering he has managed to keep information about his relationship/ personal life confined.
  • Is Phlash Phelps Married? We are not certain if Phelps is married, or has a girlfriend.
  • How Old Is Phlash Phelps? Phlash is 57 years of age as of 2022.
  • Is Phlash Phelps Retiring? Phlash is an American journalist/ disc jockey who presently hosts SiriusXM Radio’s weekday morning show 60s on the 6 channel.