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Scarlxrd wearing his face mask

Scarlxrd Biography

Scarlxrd, real name Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop (age. 28) is a Briton singer/ songwriter/ rapper who is famous for his trap metal style of music. Before majoring in music, the Heart Attack hitmaker was a YouTuber and ran the YouTube channel Mazzi Maz.

Scarlxrd Age

Marius was born on June 19, 1994, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. He is 28 years of age as of 2022 and will turn 29 come June 19, 2023. He celebrates his birthday on June 19 and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Gemini.

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Scarlxrd Music

  • Scarlxrd developed an interest in metallic rock music while growing up and has cited the likes of Eminem, Missy Elliot, and Nelly as huge influences on his style of music. Prior to venturing into music, Marius was you tuber who uploaded vlogs from his bedroom. He shared his vlogs under the username Mazzi Maz and often worked with the fellow you tubers, Caspar Lee and Sam Pepper. Marius and Sam Pepper went on a worldwide WDGAF Tour between 2013 and 2014. Furthermore, he has the acronyms WDGAF tattoed on him.
  • However, he drooped the username Mazzi Maz from his YouTube channel in February 2017 and decided to use Scarlxrd moniker to promote his music. He founded the rap-rock band Myth City in 2014 and released their first EP Myth City on February 28, 2015. The band used a combination of grindcore and rap music on its sound. Marius is also popular for the moniker Girlfriend which he released in August 2016 without his surgical mask. Some of Marius’ hit songs include 6 Feet, Berzerk, and King, Scar.
  • He dropped スカー藩主 and Rxse in 2016 and Cabin Fever and Chaxsthexry, in April 2017. Marius dropped the visuals to his hit single Heart Attack on June 23, 2017, which proved to be a huge success. He dropped the album Lxrdszn on September 29, 2017. Marius released his sixth album Dxxm on May 4, 2018, under Island Records. He released the album Infinity on March 15, 2019, which earned him a nomination in the 2019 Kerrang! Awards. Additionally, he released two more albums in 2019; Immxrtalisatixn on 4 October and Acquired Taste Vxl 1 on December 13.
  • Marius released the single Let the Wxrld Burn on January 14, 2021, under the record label Lxrd Records. He released Dxxm’s sequel Dxxm II on February 5, 2021. Some of his EP include Thrxwaways As Prxmised (2019), FantasyVxid; Intrx (2020) among others.

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Scarlxrd Family

Considering his celebrity status because of the nature of his music profession, Listhrop has decided to keep his personal and early life private. Listhrop treasures his parents’ and siblings’ security thus he has decided to hold back information about them.

Nonetheless, as soon as information about his family is available we shall update it pronto. He has one sibling called Claire.

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Scarlxrd Girlfriend

Marius is quite a private celebrity considering he has managed to keep information about his personal life confined. We are certain he is not married, but we cannot confirm if he has a girlfriend. Regardless, we can only presume that he is currently single and focusing on his career as a rapper.

Scarlxrd Net Worth: Merch

Scarlxrd Net Worth is estimated to be between US$1 Million and US$5 Million. This is a mere approximation of his lucrative career as a rapper/ singer/ songwriter since he has not revealed any information about his assets, liabilities, or wealth. Regardless, we shall update it once he shares his net worth.

Additionally, with the sale of his branded merchandise like his unisex face masks, pants, and hoodies, Scarlxrd has managed to increase progressively his general net worth. Moreover, his branded merch is available for sale on the UK website digital stores.

Scarlxrd Height: Hair – Dreads

Marius measures 6’ 0”/ 1.83 m in height. Moreover, his hair color is brown, however, he has experimented with his dreads with different colors over years. He has previously dyed his dreads black, blonde, and purple. Furthermore, his eye color is Black, and is well known for his trademark surgical mask.

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Scarlxrd Tattoos: Face-Mask

Despite being a household UK rap artist Marius’ body is also a work of fine art. The Heart Attack hitmaker has more than 20 tattoos inked on his body. He has the words Too weird to live, too unique to die tattooed on his right forearm, an arrows tattoo on his right forearm, a skull with a rose flower tattoo on the lower part of his right forearm, a dagger tattoo on his right forearm.

Additionally, he has a brass Knuckle Duster Tattoo on the upper side of his wrist, the acronym W.D.G.A.F tattooed on his forearm, a Bird Tattoo on the right side of his chest, a growling wolf tattoo on his right upper arm, a skull tattoo on his left forearm, the words Myth City inked on his right wrist, a spider tattoo on his right forearm, a snake inked on his right bicep.

Other tattoos include his name on his fingers, the name GINA, an eye on his right hand, a panther tattoo, a bald eagle on his neck, a bear, and the words made in hell.

Furthermore, Scarlxrd has a couple of tattoos on his face like letters above his right eyebrow and a scar under his right eye.

Fun Fact: Marius’ clothing and outfit are highly influenced by Japanese culture.

People Also Ask

  • Are Scarlxrd and Gina still together? We are certain he is not married, but we cannot confirm if he has a girlfriend.
  • How tall is Scarlxrd? Marius measures 6’ 0”/ 1.83 m in height.
  • How old is Scarlxrds girlfriend? We are certain he is not married, but we cannot confirm if he has a girlfriend.
  • How much is Scarlxrd worth? Scarlxrd Net Worth is estimated to be between US$1 Million and US$5 Million.
  • What’s Scarlxrd real name? His real name Marius Lucas Antonio.

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