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Thierry Mugler (age 73) was a French fashion icon/ author who is famous and critically acclaimed for his creative, sophisticated, and urban wear. Additionally, he has helped design multiple perfumes like Alien, Womanity, and the Angel collection. Mugler developed an interest in fashion design while still young and launched his first collection-Café de Paris- at the age of 25.

Thierry Mugler Age and Death

He was born on 21 December 1948 in Strasbourg, France. Mugler was 73 years and 34 days of age at his untimely death. He celebrated his birthday on 21 December and was a member of the zodiac/ star sign Sagittarius.

Mugler was pronounced dead on 23 January 2022. Since his death, Celebrities have shared their messages of condolences to the fallen designer on social media. Details about his death keep on trickling in and we shall update as they do.

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Thierry Mugler Fashion-Perfume

  • Immediately after completing his studies at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts, Thierry started designing broad-shouldered clothes for Karim. He moved to Paris in 1972 and started designing for Gudule. Subsequently, Thierry served as a freelance fashion designer. He launched his first collection-Café de Paris- in 1973. Fans believed he had brought not only a sophisticate but also an urban sense of fashion with his designs.
  • Mugler got his big break in the fashion industry in 1976 when he showcased his designs in Tokyo. During his early designing career, Thierry designed apparel only for women but started designing men’s wear in 1978 when he opened his  Paris boutique at the Place des Victoires. He gained global recognition in the 1980s for his sophisticated, urban, and sci-fi-themed fashion designs. Mugler has designed dresses for French singer Viktor Lazlo, American actress Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, among others.
  • Despite being globally famous, Thierry retired from fashion in 2002 due to financial losses. Mugler decided to venture into perfume designs and launched his first perfume Angel in 1992. Subsequently, he released the perfume Angel Men in 1996. Additionally, he released a fragrance with Cirque du Soleil in 2002. Thierry released the fragrance Alien in 2005, Womanity in 2010, Angel Muse in 2015, and Angel Nova in 2020.
  • He launched Thierry Mugler Beauty cosmetics in 2008. Subsequently, Mugler helped design Beyoncé Knowles’s costume for her fourth world tour. Thierry Mugler rebranded to MUGLER in 2010. He has worked with notable celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Dita Von Teese, Cardi B, among others.
  • Besides fashion and perfume designs, Thierry is an author. He rolled out his book Thierry Mugler: Photographer in 1988 and the monograph Fashion Fetish Fantasy in 1999. Additionally, he has directed short movies, and company ads.

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Thierry Mugler Young-Family

Born in Strasbourg, France, Mugler’s father was a professional doctor whereas details about his elegant mom are rather scarce presently. His parents were very supportive of his interests in design, art, and fashion since he was young. Thierry had an interest in versatile fields, he started learning classical dance at the age of nine and started training in ballet corps in 1962. Concurrently, he pursued a degree in interior design from Strasbourg School of Decorative Art.

Mugler spent most of his young years in Strasbourg as an only child to his parents.

Thierry Mugler Wife-Gay

Thierry was openly gay. During his time in the fashion industry, Mugler never shared information about his wife or partner. Additionally, he did not leave any children at the time of his death. Nevertheless, the adept fragrance designer often appeared happy alongside his clients.

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Thierry Mugler Net Worth

At the peak of his career, Thierry Mugler Net Worth was estimated at $ 121 Million. This is per our reliable sources at Popular Bio. Mugler was highly secretive and did not like sharing his account details with the paparazzi. Nevertheless, we shall update additional information as they trickle in during his time of death.

Thierry Mugler Height

Mugler measures 5’ 7”/ 1.70 m in height. Moreover, his hair color was brown but preferred going bald due to his receding hairline.

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  • Who was Thierry Mugler? He was a French fashion icon/ author who is famous and critically acclaimed for his creative, sophisticated, and urban wear. Additionally, he has helped design multiple perfumes like Alien, Womanity, and the Angel collection.

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