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Zak Bagans Biography

Zak Bagans (age 45) is an American actor/ paranormal investigator/ author who is famous as the host of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures series airs on Travel Channel. Additionally, the Haunted Museum star has three kids from his previous relationship.

Zak Bagans Age

He was born on April 5, 1977 in Washington, D.C. Zak Bagans is 45 years of age as of 2022 and will turn 46 come April 5, 2022. He celebrates his birthday on April 5 and is a member of the zodiac/ star sign Aries.

Furthermore, Bagans has an Aries tattoo on his right arm.

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

  • Bagans, who is known for pursuing the bottom of fear, used a haunted house he owns in Las Vegas to give people spine-tingling experiences with ghosts. It is believed that the house’s previous occupants and spirits were threatening those living in the house.
  • The Las Vegas home’s cellar would experience paranormal activity during the seventies. Furthermore, individuals visiting a museum in Hollywood witnessed disturbing entryways and more mysterious corridors.

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  • There are over twenty-three rooms that resemble fright houses with disturbing realities. One of the exhibits at the Detroit convention center was a van in which Dr. Jack Kevorkian created a terminal patient’s death.
  • This was just as visitors could have taken a look at Michael Jackson’s “Propofol seat,” which would kill him in 2009. Many people are upset to see the first staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House” after it was destroyed.
  • Workers left the job when the house was being built and refused to come back.

Zak Bagans Ghost Adventures

Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin collaborated to produce Ghost Adventures but were unable to due to a lack of funds. 4Reel productions came on board and decided to turn it into a documentary-style film.

The documentary won the Grand Jury Prize (which is an honor) for being a great piece of work during the Summer of 2007. The documentary followed the trinity as they visited haunted places around Nevada.

The show “TAPS” was later developed into a fully-fledged series with the first season premiering in December 2008. All the while, the taping group has been having paranormal encounters themselves.

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Critics of Bagans, however, contend that he and his team use confrontational and provocative tactics to deal with evil spirits. They cite a response from Bagans saying that they only use these methods on spirits that inflict harm to human beings.

Zak Bagans Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box is a wine box that is haunted and possessed by an evil spirit. It came into attention after being sold on eBay with the original inspiration for The Possession (2012 film) as well as a horror story written by Kevin Mannis.

Zak Bagans Wife

Zak is now single considering he has managed to keep his relationship/ personal life confined. We are not certain if Bagnas is married, or has a girlfriend. Regardless, we can only presume that he is currently single.

Nevertheless, as soon as Bagans shares information about his partner or personal life, we shall bring you to speed.

Zak Bagans Kids-Ex-Girlfriend

Zak shares three kids with his ex-girlfriend; Alexis, Lexis, Tiffany, and Carson. Details about Bagans’s ex-girlfriend or relationship details are rather scarce presently. Zak’s eldest daughter Alexis Michigan Nevada Bagans loves soccer, hunting, gambling, and being a tomboy.

Additionally, she revealed she dislikes family members who are overly Christain, girly stuff, death, and bullying. Bagans was rumored to be dating Pasquale Rotella’s ex-wife Holly Madison.

However, the duo never confirmed the existence of their relationship.

Zak Bagans Parents-Family

John Doe (father) and Nancy Knapp (mother) born their son Bagans in Washington, D.C. Bagans’s family belongs to the white ethnicity. His parents divorced shortly into their marriage which forced Nancy to raise her kids as a single mom.

Bagans’s mom worked as an interior designer whereas details about his dad are rather scarce. Despite their divorce, Nancy remarried and gave rise to two kids with her new husband. Zak spent most of his young years in Washington, D.C. alongside his two siblings; Meredith Bagans and Sky Phil.

Details about Bagans’ siblings are not available presently. He is a step-brother to Sky and Phil.

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Zak Bagans Education

Zak pursued a college degree in theatre and film at the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. Additionally, Bagans is an alumnus of Glenbard West High School.

Zak Bagans Net Worth

Zak Bagans Net Worth is around a massive US$30 Million in 2022. He has accumulated most of his wealth and riches from his career as an investigator/ actor/ television personality/ author. This is per our reliable sources at Celebrity Net Worth.

He prefers to spend his fortune on prism glasses, exotic private trips with his family, and real estate, which has proved to multiply his net worth over the years.

Zak Bagans Demon House

In 2008, Bagans released an ordered film titled ‘Demon House’ which evaluated the well-known ‘Ammons Haunting Case’. The movie was broadly broadcasted by the US media in 2011. Furthermore, he had purchased the mysterious house and recorded his inclusion in a certain group.

However, Unusual things started happening to the group as they advanced which provoked them to dread their lives. Starring in the film includes Zak himself, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. The film was released by Freestyle Releasing in the United States on March 16, 2018, following the Ammons haunting case.

Zak Bagans Height-Eyes Problem

Zak measures 6’ 0”/ 1.82 m in height. Moreover, Bagans’s hair color is black and his eye color is dark brown. Bagans’ eyes have some thus he wears prism glasses often However, he refused to do the double eye surgery, since the doctor told him that there is a risk of total blindness.

Furthermore, he revealed that his eye problem was probably after leaving the Demon House.

Zak Bagans Tattoos

Besides a towering height and love for creepy stuff, Zak is a huge fan of art and ink. He has inked a number of tattoos including; A little Christian cross tattoo on his right index, An angel/demon tattoo on his nape, and Dracula’s cross on his right wrist.

He also has a symbol of the battle between good and evil tattoo, a winged skull tattoo on his back.

Zak Bagans House

Bagans bought a house on Carolina Street in Gary after the news hit the media that the house was haunted and the occupants had also been possessed. He, therefore, bought the house through a phone call even before seeing it.

In addition to this, Zak did a documentary about his own experiences in the house in which he claims he became so ill that he couldn’t leave his room for eight days. He said witnesses and experts were hospitalized and the crew members decided to quit.

Besides acting, he has authored the books titled I Am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead,
Darkness Optional: The Holy Truth, and Dark World.

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